Are you passing through Barcelona or planning to move here in the near future? Are you relocating due to work-related reasons? Are you maybe interested in starting or continuing your own business aspirations? Are you planning to do an internship or study a degree? Whatever your reasons for relocating are, and whether it is a temporary or a permanent move, it will be our pleasure to welcome you and make your stay easier.

Expatify Station stems from the need to help individuals, families, students and companies have an enjoyable transition into their new homes, community, and truly tap into the wondrous city of Barcelona. Our services are designed to assist our customers with a comprehensive, personalized, fast and efficient approach in order to make each moving experience as smooth as possible while artfully managing the adjustments, requirements and logistic difficulties that moving entails. Even if you are only passing by for a short period of time, we will facilitate your business or leisure trip by providing you efficient planning and solutions to ensure your time is meaningfully spent as you explore and experience the city you will grow to love as if it was your own home.

Our Values

We strongly believe in delivering our services based on the values of integrity, transparency, empathy, excellence and flexibility. These values are an integral part of Expatify Station’s DNA.

Extensive Services

Moving to a new city entails a whole lifestyle change, often language and cultural barriers, and therefore an integral adaptation to a new environment will be needed. We provide a comprehensive range of services addressing all aspects of your relocation.

Tailor-made services

We deliver tailored-made, cost effective and reliable solutions adapted to our customer’s specific needs and requirements. If there is a service that you require that is not listed, please contact us at for further information.

Personal approach

Helping people is our passion. We take the time to listen carefully to our customers before creating a customized plan that is aligned with their needs and requirements. Our team is professional, committed and driven to understand each customer’s specific needs.


We offer our services through a variety of counseling modalities (both remote and on-site assistance), such as face-to-face meeting, e-mail, videocalls, telephone, e-counseling, chat, etc.


We are a multicultural and multilingual team who have lived cross-culturally and understands the mentality, needs and requirements of other cultures.

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