TOP 6 things to see in Barcelona

This is our collection of the top 6 things to see in Barcelona. Here we explore 6 of the unmissable things to see if you’re visiting this amazing city.

1. La Sagrada Familia Temple
This unique and beautiful construction is definitely Barcelona’s most famous tourist attraction and the most visited attraction in Spain. The Sagrada Familia Temple was designed by Antoni Gaudi in 1882. It is an expiatory temple (i.e. a place made to commemorate the reparation of sins made against God or the laws of the Church).

The works are directly financed by donations made by visitors and the public, hence its slow construction progress. La Sagrada Familia should be completed by year 2026 (year 2026 is the hundred year anniversary of Gaudí’s death), except for several artistic details.

For less than €30 you can admire the incredible interior, including the tower. La Sagrada Familia is an unfinished masterpiece which is beautiful inside out, so make sure you don’t miss it!

2. Architecture Of Palau Güell
The architect Antoni Gaudí was commissioned to design a city palace by industrialist Eusebi Guell i Bacigalupi. Construction began in 1886, and by the opening of the world exhibition in 1888, the castle was completed enough to allow visitors in. The palace was considered one of Gaudí’s best architectural designs that signaled the age of Modernism in Barcelona. Three substantial parabolic arches of grey, smoothly polished stone pillars adorn the lobby entrance.

The rectangular windows are a counterpoint to the arches. Take a stroll to the roof and view the 20 massive chimneys that decorate the roof terrace.

Palau Guell was declared UNESCO World Heritage in 1984 and after being closed for 7 years for renovations, it re-opened in 2011. Any more description may spoil the expectation of a beautiful building to be enjoyed in person while in Barcelona.

3. La Pedrera (Casa Milà)
Another magnificent structure designed and constructed by Gaudí (1906-1912) was Casa Milà. Large stone slabs were attached to the facade before being worked on by stonemasons, resulting in the building’s nickname, La Pedrera, “the quarry house.” Declared the first architectural work of art right after its completion by the city of Barcelona.

Casa Mila was the first building of the 20th century. Some of the ornate chimneys appear to be medieval knights guarding the roof. The roof itself looks like a city of towers. A written description does not do this building justice, it’s a must see. La Pedrera is a popular attraction in the Barcelona tour, so if possible, book tickets in advance. You don’t want to wait to see this one!

4. Park Güell
Originally designed to be a residential community intended for sixty-single family residences. Another of Gaudí’s architectural masterpieces, commissioned by Eusebi Güell, which was constructed between 1900 to 1914. The project was a flop and was abandoned for some years, the city of Barcelona took possession of the park in 1923. This is a playful place and one of Gaudí’s most imaginative and colorful works.

There are no benches in the park, rather a continuous twisting snake-like stone sitting wall that resembles the human postier. A smiling dragon stretches in the center of a divided stairway, to the delight of children and adults alike. This park is like no other with gingerbread gatehouse, a giant dragon and numerous fountains line the lower park. This is a busy tourist sight, so book thickest early and avoid waiting in line.

5. Museu Picasso
For fans of Picasso’s work, this is the best place to learn about the artist’s formative years. The building itself is impressive as well, located in the Gothic area, is five medieval palaces linked together to make up the museum. Picasso’s genius is visible in the more than 3,500 pieces of his work in the permanent collection.

You can view drawings and oils from Picasso’s Barcelona period as well as works from his later years. In 1982 Jacqueline Picasso donated about 42 pieces of ceramic (vases, dishes, and plates) that were made in the 1950s. Get your tickets ahead of time and enjoy the Museu Picasso!

6. Camp Nou
Camp Nou is the home of Football Club Barcelona and Lionel Messi, is the largest football stadium in Europe. Opened in 1957 and seating over 99,000 fans, hosting games like the FIFA World Cup, two UEFA Champions League Finals and the European Champions Cup.

This is a must-see for sports fans where you can visit on game day or go on a stadium tour behind the scenes. These tours last between an hour and a half and three hours. There is a museum, and the FC Barcelona has a Megastore is outside the stadium where there is just about anything you want. Do not forget your camera!

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