Interview to eunice ong, a singaporean lawyer-to-be

We had the chance to interview Eunice Ong, a Singaporean girl aged 30.  Eunice is a citizen of the world, having studied and lived in Singapore, France, the UK and most recently, Barcelona, Spain. Eunice studied her law degree in the UK before moving to Barcelona in 2016 to do a Masters in International Law, Foreign Trade and International Relations. Eunice speaks native English and Mandarin Chinese, and also fluent French and Spanish.

Expatify Station (hereinafter referred to as “EXP”) and  Eunice Ong (hereinafter referred to as “EOng”).

EXP: Where are you originally from?

EOng: I am originally from Singapore, where I was born and bred.

EXP: Why did you decide to move to Barcelona?

EOng: I had decided to move to Barcelona because I found a Masters program which I really liked, and after coming here for the first interview, I liked the school, the people, the climate and decided to take the leap. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

EXP: What is the best thing about living in Barcelona?

EOng: There are so many good things about living in Barcelona but the best would have to be its location. Conveniently located near the sea and the mountains, you are never short of choices to go for a day out. Together with the wonderful weather that Barcelona offers, being able to just head out for a hike in the mountains or relax at the beach at a short notice is just incredible!

EXP: What is the hardest thing about living in Barcelona?

EOng: The hardest thing about living in Barcelona is perhaps not being able to not get distracted while studying or working because when the weather is nice, you just want to go out! And that’s usually most of the time!!!

EXP: Was it easy making friends and meeting people?

EOng: It was certainly easy making friends and meeting people. The Catalans are among the warmest and most welcoming people I have ever met. They are genuinely interested in knowing about you and are always ready to lend you a helping hand when needed. Their openness is certainly very refreshing and makes living here so much easier!

EXP: How would you rate the education system in Barcelona?

EOng: From what I know, it is pretty good! The universities in Barcelona are ranked among the best in the world and from the many ingenious and creative ideas I have heard from my friends who are educated in the schools of Barcelona, I think something is definitely going right with the education system to have produced so many bright and enterprising people!

EXP: How would you rate the Catalan gastronomy?

EOng: The Catalan gastronomy is amazing! While I have yet to have the good fortune to eat at El Celler de Can Roca, the ordinary and traditional Catalan cuisine is delicious! I love how at every season and festive holiday, there’s something typically Catalan prepared and eaten. From pa amb tomaquet to the botifarras to calçots and crema catalana, you will never be bored of Catalan gastronomy! Not to forget the abundance of cava (Catalan sparking wine) – massa bo!

EXP: If you could pick one piece of advice to anyone moving to Barcelona, what would it be?

EOng: Just do it and enjoy yourself! Be open to meeting new people, especially the locals and be open-minded to learning from them! Barcelona is the best city I have ever lived in thus far after having lived in more than 6 cities in 4 countries. It has showed me that the Spanish do not just have fiestas and siestas all day long! I have learnt a lot from my time there and would love to go back to living in Barcelona again!

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