How to successfully find a job in Barcelona

Finding a job in Barcelona as an “expat” is easier than in other parts of Spain. Although the job market continues to face significant challenges, Barcelona is still a great city that offers a wide range of jobs and startup opportunities. Consider the following tips to sucessfully find a job in Barcelona:

1. Ensure you are eligible to work in Barcelona: Before you begin to find for a job in Barcelona, check if you have to do anything before you can work legally in Barcelona. As Barcelona is a European Union country, citizens of other EEA and EU countries are free to work and live there without needing any permit or special visa. However, in some cases, based on how long your stay is going to be and your nationality, you might have to register with the local authorities. To receive more information on this matter, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to solve your doubts.

2. Consider the types of jobs available: for you to become an employee in any company in Barcelona, it’s a smart and clever idea to find the largest companies and industries in Barcelona to guide your job search. With a long history of manufacturing and trading, there is the multitude of homegrown businesses and global to consider. Barcelona city has a long tradition of car mass-production, and auto giant Seat still has a huge plant there. Because Seat is now German-owned, the team look, particularly for people with fluency in German, Spanish, and English, making them a good option for those jobs seekers with an international flavour. Globally recognized names such as Hewlett Packard and Accenture, also have significant offices in Barcelona.

3. Look Online: The internet is your personal friend when it comes to job searching. Apart from the most common job sites like Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn which cover more or less the entire world, there are also a lot of local sites to choose. If you are looking on a job board or local website, then don’t forget that “Barcelona” can also be abbreviated to BCN. Using search terms like “BCN jobs” alongside the English searches might pull up a wide range of alternative for you.

4. Find a recruiter to assist with your job search: Companies in Barcelona city know that the recruitment market is competing, and recruitment agencies exist to aid them to connect with the job seekers or finders that are right for them. It could help to talk to an expert (feel free to contact us for these purposes), mainly if you are looking for a professional or graduate level job, as this can abet to boost your job hunt.

5. Do some networking: An immense number of jobs are filled via word of mouth, meaning your network is the most crucial tool when looking for a job or new position. This can feel like a challenge and problem when you are also moving to a new city, but do not panic. Initiate by building your network online, joining active groups in your field in Barcelona on professional sites like Indeed or LinkedIn. Depending on your workplace, you might also learn and benefit from joining a local chamber of business or commerce networking group.

6. Get your Curriculum Vitae (CV) ready: Having a curriculum vitae that stands out is essential when you are searching for a new job. Ensure it’s error-free, up-to-date, easy to read, and concise or busy recruiters will likely put you to the bottom of their call pile. Getting a job in Barcelona is probably to be a competing and competitive affair, so ensure you invest the time upfront.

7. Prepared for your job interview: Job interviews can be severe and quite stressful, not least when your prospective employer might be on the other side of the sphere. When recruiting long distance, it is not rare for first interviews to be held over on a video or phone call. This approach presents an entire set of different problems to a face-to-face interview/meeting, so it helps planning and thinking about how to build empathy and rapport with your interviewer while you’re even not in the same room. Using humor, asking relevant questions, and smiling while you speak, can make for a friendly conversation which could assist you to get via to the next round. At Expatify station, we’ll be glad to help you so that succeed in your job interview.

8. Get ready to move: Once you have your visa and job sorted, you’ve got to consider more practical factors concerning your move to Spain. For instance, you are going to need some cash to get you started in Spain, so you may wonder how to convert your money to the local currency. If you are planning to open a bank account in Barcelona city or even Spain or you even know someone with a bank account there, consider using Transfer-Wise to send your money to and from Barcelona.
Should you have any doubts or queries on the matter at hand, kindly send us an e-mail at It will be our pleasure to help you.

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